Monday, January 19, 2015

Changes continue to UConn's offensive staff

UConn has posted its offensive coordinator job (first noticed by Boneyard Blog Beat Writer Matt Schonvisky) meaning the shakeup of the offensive staff continues.

A source confirmed that 2014 offensive coordinator Mike Cummings is still on the staff and he will likely move over to coach the offensive line which is something he has done successfully in the past. The Hartford Courant first reported that veteran offensive line coach Mike Foley will not be part of staff moving forward which I was able to confirm.

When I spoke with UConn football coach Diaco recently he made it clear that some changes were coming to the offensive staff after a disappointing season on that side of the ball.

"I am going to make sure I make the offense looks like I want it to look so there will be changes over there," Diaco said. "I am not trying to double secret agent, I am trying to paint a little bit of a picture for you. There will be changes, I have a very detailed plans and I am working that plan."

Although a new person will be in charge of calling plays, I am not expected as drastic of a change in how the offense will look since he brought in Cummings to run an offense built around a power running game and the new OC will be asked to have a similar philosophy.

Here's what Diaco had to say about how wanted his offense to look in our recent conversation.

"It is no different (than when he was hired)," Diaco said. "It is Stanford, it is Alabama, in terms of what kinds of games you are watching it is a run the ball with authority attack, it is deep vertical drop-back passing, it is plays that protect that run, there are a lot of screens and the rest of the passing game on first and second down is three-step (drops_ otherwise third down is critical so you have to call plays that have those situations (in mind).

It is not different to when I stood in front of everyone and that is what we are building towards. At different times during the year, we try to do what our players could do at this point, get a win and minimize some of the issues but never stop building towards that model even if that game didn't necessarily look like that at times, we never stopped building towards that model in recruiting, in the weight room and on the practice field."


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