Monday, December 22, 2014

UConn APR numbers in good shape despite departures

About a month ago I put up a blog documenting the attrition rate within the UConn football program over the last four years.

I counted 35 players who originally enrolled at UConn and would have been part of the program had they remained and one of the first things that I wondered about is the potential impact on UConn's Academic Progress Rate (which kept the UConn men's basketball team out of the postseason a couple seasons ago).

I starting doing some checking around and here's what I can report.

UConn's projected APR is 960 for the 2013-14 academic year which is three points higher than it was last year and two points higher than the mark two years ago.

The good news for UConn is the many of those who have left the team landed at other FBS or FCS programs meaning they left UConn in good academic standing. That is of paramount importance since people who leave school in poor academic standing will cost a school a two-point deduction when the APR is calculated.

The other thing to consider is that I included a couple of players who signed with UConn but never enrolled (Jordan Fuchs and Chasz Wright fall under that category) and they don't count towards UConn's APR number. Shakim Phillips and Ty-Meer Brown played this season at Boston College meaning they had to graduate from UConn first which will not hurt the APR score.

When you look closer at the list of players who have left the program, there weren't too many who failed to land at another school. That list includes Scott McCummings, who I have been told has graduated. So much of this APR thing is documenting when a player left school and what their academic standing was at the time. David Stevenson, Tyree Clark and Michael Boland left the team during preseason camp and before the start of the fall semester so their departures should not impact UConn's APR.

Here's perhaps the best explanation of how the APR works courtesy of St. Mary's

Here's the breakdown by recruiting class (Phillips is not listed because he was a transfer from Boston College before he headed back to BC after graduating)

 Josh Alexander DB Waldorf, Md.  WEST VIRGINIA WESLEYAN
 Ty-Meer Brown  DB McKeesport, Pa.  BOSTON COLLEGE
 Mark Hansson OT Clearwater, Fla.
 Tebucky Jones WR Farmington  FORDHAM
 Leon Kinnard WR Reistertown, Md. TOWSON
 Jonathan Louis DE Brockton, Mass. MAINE
 Lyle McCombs RB Staten Island, N.Y. RHODE ISLAND
 Scott McCummings Natick, Mass.
 Greg McKee OT Chicago
 Andrew Opoku DB North Brunswick, N.J. DELAWARE
 Mike Osiecki FB Seymour   Career ended prematurely due to injuries
 Gilbert St.Louis DB Davie, Fla.  BALL STATE
 Kamal Abrams WR Dover, Del. 
 Jefferson Ashiru LB Powder Springs, Ga.
 Tyree Clark DB Tampa, Fla. 
 Xavier Hemingway OL Powder Springs, Ga.
 Michael Nebrich QB Burke, Va.   FORDHAM
 David Stevenson CB Stone Mountain, Ga. 
 Brendan Battles-Santos DE Eastham, Mass.
 Rennick Bryan OL Hillhouse 
 Casey Cochran QB Monroe    Forced to retire due to multiple concussions
 Drew Ghio OL Bristol Came to UConn as walk-on
 Ricky Gutierrez WR Hialeah, Fla.  DODGE CITY CC
 E.J. Norris DE Upper Marlboro, Md.
 Neil Shortell TE Mission Hills, Kan.  EMPORIA STATE
 Wyatt Vinci LB Ridgewood, N.J.   DIABLO VALLEY CC
 Joe Williams, RB Allentown, Pa.   ASA COLLEGE
 Sha-ki Holines, DE    UMASS
 Cory Jasudowich LB North Branford  NEW HAVEN
 Richard Lagow QB Plano, Tex.   CISCO COLLEGE
 Kivon Taylor, QB Atlanta   FOOTHILL COLLEGE
 Quinn Thompson TE Edinboro, Pa.   BALDWIN WALLACE


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