Saturday, November 08, 2014

What a difference a week makes at UConn

Last Saturday was the best of the times for the veteran members of the UConn football team who haven't always been able to celebrate as much as they would like. There was a sense of jubilation as the Huskies' stunned defending American Athletic Conference champion Central Florida.

Fast forward to day and it was a 180 degree turn following a disappointing loss to a 2-6 Army team.

"It is most down I have been after a loss and every loss hurts but this one really stings," senior receiver Deshon Foxx said.
"It is the complete opposite, you go home from homecoming with a win, it is a great feeling. You come here and you lose, honestly it doesn't matter the circumstances, a win or a loss is going to feel completely different. A loss hurts and this loss is going to hurt with a bye week coming up. I played football for a long time and it happens constantly, you never know which way the tide is going to go."

The UConn players have an extra week to deal with the emotions as a horrible loss and there is also the realization that the Huskies are guaranteed to have a fourth straight losing season for the final time since the 1982-85 seasons.

"Coming off a win, it is a great feeling and you never want to go back to that feeling of losing," junior safety Andrew Adams said. "Going back to the locker room everybody is down but we are going to wipe off our sleeves and we are going to Cincinnati."


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