Friday, November 21, 2014

Tuberville: UConn much better team this year

When listening to coaches discuss the team they are getting ready to play, the comments need to be taken with a grain of salt. Lou Holtz was notorious for making the opposing team sound like the 1985 Chicago Bears even if they were 1-10. Still, with all of that being said, Cincinnati coach Tommy Tuberville was very complimentary when talking about the job Bob Diaco has done in his first season with the Huskies.

"They have a new coach, young coach who is very enthusiastic," Tuberville said. "You can tell he has made changes during the year to make the team better. They are a much better team this year then they were last year at this time. We beat them pretty good here and knowing that they played one of their best games (against Central Florida), they've got momentum going and I am sure they want to finish the year out on the right foot. I don't want to expect. I am sure he is going to make some changes going into the last few weeks knowing that he has some young guys he might want to start playing to try to win some more games and start working for spring practice and next year.
"Their guys on their team, last year when they came here they were in disarray after losing their coach but this group Bob has done a good job of putting his fingerprint on it. He knows the best years are down the road but he has done it his way. They are playing really hard  and that is what you want them to do."


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