Wednesday, September 17, 2014

UConn's Florida contingent looking forward to homecoming

While the majority of the Florida natives on the 2014 UConn football team hail more from the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area it is still going to be a chance to play in front of friends and family when the Huskies play at South Florida on Friday night.

Starting cornerback Jhavon Williams is one of the 10 Floridians on the roster and he didn't hide his enthusiasm at having a chance to return to play in the Sunshine State.

"I am looking forward to going back home, going to play in front of my family and friends going into conference play, it is going to be big," Williams said. "I am really excited. I have at least 35 family members coming to the game so it is going to be big. I am excited."

Williams is one of five players on Florida on UConn's two-deep chart joining reserve defensive backs John Green and Ellis Marder, second-string guard Ryan Crozier and starting kicker Bobby Puyol. Linebacker Brandon Steg, running back Ron Johnson and offensive linemen Kyle Schafenacker have also gotten into games this season while cornerback Javon Hadley and offensive lineman Daniel Oak also hail from Florida.

I'm sure there's been plenty of behind the scenes work getting the necessary tickets for the players coming home.

Players like Tim Boyle get to play in front of friends and family at every home game but he has enjoyed seeing those players from Florida and even Georgia get excited about playing close to home.

"It is very fun," Boyle said. "It is obviously a huge blessing for me to play in front of my hometown people, my family and friends but when we go down to Florida and all those Florida kids, they try to gather all the tickets they can get so they can get people there."

There will be more from Williams and in particular the extra pressure he places on himself being the first defensive back to wear the No. 6 jersey since the tragic death of Jasper Howard in 2009 in tomorrow's paper.


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