Monday, September 15, 2014

Some changes on UConn's defensive depth chart

Windsor's Cole Ormsby moved up on this week's 2-deep chart
UConn released its depth chart for the South Florida game.

There are no changes on offense but on defense there are some noteworthy movement.

Angelo Pruitt, who missed the last two games with a lower-leg injury, is not on the depth chart after being listed as the starter at defensive end in the first three games.

Also, Cole Ormsby is listed as a co-starter with B.J. McBryde at defensive tackle and true freshman Luke Carrezola is the No. 2 guy at defensive end.

During his weekly four games before the game press conference UConn coach Bob Diaco revealed that Pruitt would be retiring from football to a preexisting lower-body issue that he chose not to discuss further. Also, reserve offensive lineman Bryan Paull's career is over due to an upper-ody injury. Paull originally taken off the roster when Tom Rodrick, Michael Boland and David Stevenson were removed from the roster but I was told that was an oversight and he was put back on the roster.


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