Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting ready for UConn/BYU game

OK, game week is finally here. Later on today we will be talking to UConn football coach Bob Diaco, some players and BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall via a phone hookup to help start previewing Friday's UConn/BYU game.

If there is a theme for this game it will be uncertainty. Although Diaco has faced BYU before as Notre Dame's defensive coordinator, the Cougars have no tape on how this UConn team is going to look. With the limited amount of practice time we were allowed to watch, we don't know much more about the Huskies. A year ago you knew the Huskies were going to come out with three receivers and Lyle McCombs would be the go-to running back. Now, I couldn't tell you if they were going to line up with three receivers, two tight ends, a tailback and fullback or two tailbacks and I would expect to see all those variation at some point Friday night.

My focus will shift more onto position matchups as we move closer to the season opener. Over the past week, however, I tried to touch on different areas about the team and allow people to learn more about the players. It started with roommates Geremy Davis, Byron Jones and Marquise Vann joining Alex Mateas as team captains. Yuesterday I wrote about Chris DeBerry, Dom Manco and Justin Wain being given scholarships and today's piece was on the players reacting to the unorthodox manner in which Diaco went about his business in spring practice and preseason camp.

A couple of items worth mentioning. First, BYU is supposed to post its depth chart later on today and perhaps that will give us a better indication if there are any additional suspensions coming. For those interested in such things, the ESPN announcing crew will be Dave Flemming, Danny Kanell and Allison Williams.



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