Thursday, August 21, 2014

UConn captains have plenty in common

When it came time to select roommates Byron Jones had no thoughts about sharing his living quarters with fellow leaders of the 2014 UConn football team. He did, however, share a bond both emotionally and spiritually with Geremy Davis and Marquise Vann so it seemed only natural that they would choose to be roomies.

"They are stand-up guys, two big guys on offense, two big guys on defense," Jones said. "I can't say enough good things about every single individual.

"It worked out, we always push each other. They set their alarm and if I am sleeping late, they will come wake my up or I will wake them up so we have each other's backs. We all have the same maturity, it is very clear what our goals are and we not afraid to (show) it."

Vann, the only non-senior among the team captains, finds it incredibly ironic that of all the people he could be rooming with this season, it just so happened that it ended up being two fellow captains.

"You look at it and you have us three people who are in the same (apartment) are captains and that is something that you can't make that up," Vann said.

"I believe our personalities kind of mold together, we have three personalities who come together well so we are good teammates and we are good friends so it is awesome."


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