Friday, March 14, 2014

Tackling a priority during UConn's third spring practice

There are coaches who prefer to go through walk throughs rather than letting the players loose on each other during practice. It didn't take long to realize that isn't Bob Diaco's philosophy.

Once the stretching was done Diaco worked with the linebackers on the art of wrapping up and then the final portion of the practice the media was allowed to witness, he reveled in the one on one blocking drills. The rodeo drill featured a defensive player taking on an offensive player, usually a lineman, and then taking down an opposing running back. It was entertaining to say the least especially seeing the fiery Diaco going up and down the line and reacting to each rep.

Among the players who caught my eye in this drill were linebacker Omaine Stephens and defensive tackle Foley Fatukasi.

Diaco went down the line to check out each rep and if he liked what he saw, he would respond with a enthusiastic slap on the shoulder pads or helmet If he didn't, he would yell out to the position coach of the offending player with instructions of what he expected from them and their player. Offensive coordinator Mike Cummings might have actually surpassed Diaco on the intensity scale.

The players absolutely loved the drill.

"It is us trying to get out of that shell and go a little bit," said linebacker Marquise Vann. "It was awesome, it was definitely a change of pace and just lifting and being able to hit somebody else was awesome, I did enjoy that.

"It is a great experience, some great fun going on, the practice tempo is going well and it is fun, football is fun again to go out there with your teammates, the camaraderie with the coaches and players."

Here are some other highlights from the rodeo drill

Among those at attendance was Middletown High star Dario Highsmith, the Gatorade State Player of the Year

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