Wednesday, February 05, 2014

UConn's Diaco kind of, sort of addresses Logan Marchi situation

Like it or not, one of the main story lines surrounding Bob Diaco's first recruiting class at UConn centers around unsigned quarterback Logan Marchi.

The former St. Paul star was the first member of the class to commit and was planning to sign with UConn today until he received notification last week that he was not being admitted into the university and therefore no longer a part of the class of recruits.

There are those who think this is merely a case of Diaco not thinking Marchi can play at UConn and removing the scholarship offer. Diaco cited NCAA rules which will not allow him to discuss unsigned prospects but a couple of questions later he did talk in general terms about the unfortunate scenario Marchi finds himself in without actually discussing Marchi's situation.

"In my past, PSA’s the prospective student-athletes you could cite a myriad of examples and it is typically a late April, early May drop which is really sad," Diaco said. "At that point the PSA has no opportunity to do really anything. When rulings come down earlier from universities when it relates to the ability to recruit or not recruit, the earlier the better. It gives PSAs, families and high schools opportunities and months to find another solution. My understanding is there is not a national time or national day or any real consistency and predominant cases of this happened have happened at the very end of spring or early in the summer when it is the most detrimental."


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