Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trip down memory lane for Rob Ambrose

There will be more on former UConn assistant coach Rob Ambrose bringing his Towson team into Rentschler Field for Thursday night's opener in the coming days but the story he mentioned on a conference call with members of the Connecticut media was simply too precious not to share right now.

"I can tell you a story," Ambrose said. "There was many, many moons ago and I can’t remember when, (UConn's Senior Associate Athletic Director) Neal Eskin and I was sitting on a charter flight at Bradley getting ready to take off and Neal comes up and hands me a stack of players and said ‘I need you to look at this.’ I said ‘what is it?’ He said ‘it is a contract for a game.’ I said ‘why I am looking at this?’ He goes ‘it is for a game versus Towson.’ I go ‘when?’ (Eskin said) 'Years down the road or whatever but Mike Hermann wants you to look at that.' I said 'who is Mike Hermann' and he said he is the AD at Towson. I said ‘I have nothing to do with any of this so take that away from me.’ After the fact I really wish I would have looked at that contract because UConn needs to pay Towson more money."



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