Saturday, August 24, 2013

Words of praise for Nick Williams

Former Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Theismann didn't hold back when expressing his thoughts on former UConn wide receiver Nick Williams when Williams grabbed a pair of third-down grabs in Saturday's preseason game against Buffalo which was aired like on NFL Network.

When Williams made an 11-yard catch on the sideline, Theismann said "I like Nick Williams. Somehow, some way, somewhere this young man is going to wind up playing football in the National Football League. He is that prototypical slot receiver."

When Williams picked up another first down with an 8-yard catch Theisman continued to rave about the undrafted rookie free agent.

"I like him," Theismann said.. "I watch him in practice, the enthusiasm he has. This is the fourth quarter and he is seizing the moment."



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