Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New offensive coordinator "I want to be an aggressive play caller"

Considering that this was T.J. Weist's first official day as UConn's offensive coordinator, he was reluctant to classify the style of offense he will install with the Huskies but he certainly said all the right things in terms of the attack mentality he wants to bring to the job.

"I think we are in line with Coach (Paul) Pasqualoni in terms of we are going to be a tough offense, we are going to be a physical offense. I think my goal, our goals I think besides being a physical, tough offense is we are going to be efficient and we are going to be productive.

"We are going to have a balanced attack because I think you win games running the ball and throwing the ball. I am not going to characterize us that we are going to be a throwing football team or a running football team or a wide-open team. I want to be an aggressive play caller where I want to attack the full field. I want to throw it deep. I want to run, I want to pound it, I want to spread the field horizontally and vertically, multiple combinations, multiple concepts.

"Going into this situation regardless of what has been done in the past, I want to have an attacking style of offense that is physical that has a balance to it because I want the play action to be a part of it where we can throw deep."

Weist, who comes to UConn after spending the last three seasons as an offensive assistant at Cincinnati, is still in the process of identifying the personnel he will have to work with and that figures to continue through spring drills. He really has nowhere to go but up when you look at how much the UConn offense struggled in the last couple of years.

"I did not see an offense that was unproductive.," Weist said. "It comes down to guys making plays. I need to get there and figure out what personnel we have. I think we are going to have an exciting offense where we get the ball to our play makers and we spread the ball around. There is nothing more exciting than guys making plays.

"I saw some good play makers. One of the first things I did and am going to continue to do is evaluate the personnel with any offensive staff does every single year, it doesn't matter if you are coming back with the same offense or not, you have to look at your people and see what you can do well I was pleased, at times, with what I saw because I saw guys who were making plays, I saw guys who were athletic. You always see areas of improvement that you can do better at. I was enthused at some of the guys that we have here, some of the skill guys, even the line is coming back."

Weist doesn't anticipate any issues coexisting with former offensive coordinator George DeLeone, who is now exclusively the offensive line coach.

"Coach DeLeone is one of the most respected coaches in the industry," Weist said. "I walk in the door and the one thing is I want to learn from him because we has more football knowledge than I will ever have. I am excited to work with him, coach with him and learn the experience he has from his last two years as the coordinator here and try to make it better. We are in this to win, to win a Big East championship so I am going to work with him to make this offense better and do whatever we can to win the Big East championship. It is not going to be an issue, it is not going to be a problem because I have so much respect for him. We have the same goal and I don't think it is going to be an issue where he was the coordinator, I am the coordinator now. I think we are going to work together well and I think he is a valuable asset to all of us here."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, not one profound insight just a bunch of empty platitudes. This go has been coaching for 25 years and he has no philosophy.
"I think you win games running the ball and throwing the ball."
Really, Einstein.
Looks like our offensive will suck this year too.

January 23, 2013 12:40 PM 

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