Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wildcat finally makes an impact

During the first two games of the season the impact of the wildcat formation was - to be kind - marginal. However, when Scott McCummings checked into Saturday's game the Huskies' wildcat quarterback positively impacted the game.

Not only did McCummings score the first offensive touchdown early in the second quarter on a 3-yard run but he also set up Lyle McCombs' 11-yard TD with back to back runs of 21 and 8 yards.

McCummings, who came into the game with nine rushing yards on nine carries, finished with 44 yards on eight carries.

"I felt like I was being unproductive but this game we exploded," McCummings said. "Lyle had a couple of good runs and I had a few good runs as well. The line was blocking great. They made big holes and we  made some plays after contact.

"I was excited with this whole atmosphere, I just love playing on the road. I love being the bad guy, all the hecklers and that kind of stuff so I just wanted to go out there and quiet the crowd a little bit."

McCummings also attempted and completed his first pass of the season as he connected with Ryan Griffin. It   wasn't exactly the world's longest completion as it went for two yards but McCummings believes that now that opponents have seen that he can throw the ball out of the wildcat that it pay dividends down the road.

"It definitely worked at keeping them a little more honest, they couldn't just kind of pin their ears back and go against the run so it definitely helps add variety to the package," McCummings said.

Staying on the subject of quarterbacks, freshman Casey Cochran did not have a cast on his left thumb. It was the first time since he broke his thumb on his non-throwing hand that I saw him without a cast. It is really little more than a footnote because it seems likely that barring injuries at the quarterback position, he won't see the field and will likely redshirt this season.


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