Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pasqualoni reacts to Jim Calhoun's retirement and legacy

UConn football coach Paul Pasqualoni had rather high praise for the Huskies' retiring Hall of Fame men's basketball coach Jim Calhoun during Thursday's conference call.

"Obviously Jim Calhoun is a legendary coach, a guy I have tremendous respect (for) his toughness. I have tremendous respect for his coaching ability. He has won every place he has ever been. He won here early in his career. I remember when he came here it was probably a so-so first year. The next year they were on the rise and never stopped getting better. It is one thing in sports, in high level I-A athletics and pro sports, it is one thing to get there, to bring your program, to elevate your program but it is a whole another thing to keep it there. What I admire the most about Coach Calhoun is the same thing I admired about Coach (Tom) Osborne when he was at Nebraska. Not only did these coaches get their programs to the top at the highest level, they kept them there and that is a true sign of greatness to me."



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