Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jim Boeheim will miss the classic games against UConn

I know this is a blog on UConn football but since Syracuse and the Big East announced that Syracuse's move from the Big East to the ACC will become official on July 1, 2013 and I was at the Verizon Center for the United States/Brazil basketball doubleheaders, I caught up with Syracuse men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim to get his react on the impending move.

"It is time to move, the Big East needs to move on and we need to move on," said Boeheim, an assistant coach on the U.S. Olympic men's basketball team. "We had an unbelievable run. It  has been a memorable experience but things happen. The Big East changed over the years many times and it always worked out. This will work out for us and it will work out for the Big East."

When I first heard that Syracuse would be leaving the Big East, I think my reaction is probably similar to a lot of other people in mourning the end of the classic basketball games between UConn and Syracuse including the historic six-overtime thriller won by the Orange in the 2009 Big East quarterfinals.,

"It is tough, those were great games," Boeheim said. "I can't tell you how great those games were over the years and probably the greatest game played in the Big East and a lot of other really good ones. It really will be missed, there is no question."


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