Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pittsburgh's a wrap

Here's a little of what Paul Pasqualoni had to say today after watching film of last night's ugly loss at Pittsburgh. Most everyone is wondering about quarterback, and it looks like Johnny McEntee will remain the starter heading into next week's game prep for Syracuse. Pasqualoni is happy with the production he's getting from Scott McCummings, but sounds like he still doesn't trust him to run the passing attack. Some quotes...

(On the defense): "We didn't play well enough in the pass coverage aspect of it. We missed a couple of assignments, missed some technique. The little things, when they're not taken care of, become big things when you're playing a team playing the way Pitt did last night. What we're doing is good, it just needs to be executed better. The good news is those are issues that can be corrected, will be corrected and we'll move on."

(On Scott McCummings performance): "For the second week in a row when Scotty's gone into the game, it clearly has been a productive part of the game for us. Sometimes, some of that is based on how the game is going. If we could have kept it at a one-score game, we may have seen a little more of Scott. When you're down a couple scores, you feel in your heart that in order to get back in it you need to be in a drop-back mode rather than in run-it mode. Those things, the conditions of game, the climate, the time on clock, all of that comes into it. Certainly we're going to continue with the development of Scott McCummings."

(On whether McCumming will unseat McEntee) "It's a competition still. Johnny clearly is the starter. Every position is a competition every day."

(On whether he considered making a change at quarterback last night) "We got it back to eight points, it was a one-score game, we were where we needed to be. If we get the ball right back, maybe it's tied and then we're back in business. No, I wasn't considering (a change at QB last night)."

(On the Huskies slim margin of error) "It's not one play, it's an accumulation of plays. The margin of error is not that great. We have to execute better, we have to play better on third down. Sometimes it's the QB, but it's not consistently the QB, it's not consistently the offensive line, it's not consistently the backs picking up pass protection, which we did a great job of last night. At key times of the game, we just have to execute better.


Anonymous Pete said...

He's starting to sound like Edsall. It was always a "technique" issue or something small that would be addressed. Our issues on defense are much more than technique when any QB in the country can rack up 400 yards.

October 27, 2011 4:32 PM 
Blogger Chip Malafronte said...

To be fair, that's a college football thing. Coaches usually point to execution and technique as the remedy, even when the issues are as severe as what UConn's D is allowing now.

October 27, 2011 4:49 PM 

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