Saturday, April 30, 2011

Todman talks about fall to 6th round

Jordan Todman, as you can image, struggled as the NFL Draft trudged on (and on and on and on) today. "It was crazy," Todman said. "It's difficult to have to explain it. I did lots of pacing around my house, lots of trips up and down the stairs; I went out and played some basketball; whatever it took to stay sane."

The information Todman received in the weeks leading up to the Fiesta Bowl, he said, were that he could be a third or fourth round pick. ESPN's Todd McShay, in his final mock draft Thursday, had him going in the fifth round. So it was a shock that Todman fell all the way to the 18th pick of the sixth round (183rd overall) when San Diego finally picked him.

"At felt with my ability that at the Combine I could raise my stock," Todman said. "I performed well at the Combine. This year, the running back class, I guess we all thought it was nothing too crazy. Therefore, every running back just about, entered the draft giving it more competition with all the running backs who could be taken before you. It was a weird situation. But I have confidence in myself and my ability."

Asked if he regrets his decision to forgo his final season of eligibility, Todman said "I feel coming out was the right thing to do. Going into it, you never know how things are going to unfold. Once you declare, there's no going back. I stuck by my decision, I'm happy with it, and I'm a Charger."


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