Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sherman talks Arizona

Anthony Sherman said he was confident in the projections that had him pegged as a fifth-round draft choice, and that's right where he landed. Arizona made him the fifth pick of the fifth round.

He interviewed with the Cardinals at the NFL Combine, and it went well. "I had a great conversation with the running backs coach at the Combine," Sherman said. "I spoke to him again a little while ago, and he said I made an impact on him. That's the biggest thing when you go to the Combine. All you have to do is have one team fall in love with you; one team to know that you're the guy they want. That's what I did with the Arizona Cardinals."

The Cardinals use the fullback on a regular basis, and are in the market for one due to injuries and other issues. The lockout leaves him in a holding pattern for now, but Sherman said he'll be ready when things are settled.


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