Sunday, December 05, 2010

Edsall on Fiesta

Here's a little of what Randy Edsall had to say.
  • The team will leave for Arizona on Dec. 26.

  • The Huskies watched in the team room, watching on the TVs. "They were excited and enthusiastic," Edsall said. "There was a lot of noise for what took place on the screen."

  • "It's remarkable," Edsall said when asked of the rapid evolution of the program. Memorial Stadium still stands across the street from the new training facilities, and stands as a reminder of where the program has come from. "I always dreamed about it."

  • Oklahoma will be a big favorite, and few expect the Huskies to compete. "It's kind of been the story since we've made this jump. We've kind of been the underdog," Edsall said. "I get fired up when people say you can't do somthing. It's always good to prove people wrong."

  • Edsall knows Bob Stoops. "Bob is a very good person and an outstanding football coach. He's done a great job at Oklahoma."

  • Other 8-4 teams have won their conference and made a BCS bowl. "Those are the rules," Edsall said. "Don't get on UConn because of the system."

  • Edsall said it might take him four days to get back to everyone after all the congratulatory calls and texts he's received since last night.


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