Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Everything you need to know about Texas State (err..Texas Southern) and more Tuesday notes

Here's a little more from the Tuesday luncheon (cod Francoise, roasted potatoes, sauteed spinach...impressive menu and execution by the chef, all that was missing was a snobby waiter and a bill for $400)...

  • Harris Agbor's development was hindered by a partially torn lateral collateral ligament last fall (or, according to UConn's new injury policy, a leg injury), but he was able to get in a little time on special teams. He earned the starting job this preseason with hard work, he said. "It was one of the goals I wanted, and I knew I could do it," Agbor said. "For my first start, I think I was a little shaky at the beginning. But once I settled down, I made the proper reads, played physical. I think I played a solid game. I feel bad about some of the mistakes I made, but looking at film I know what I need to do now."

  • Kendall Reyes is pretty pissed off about the way the defense played on Saturday. He said Edsall rightly ripped every single player for the performance against Michigan. "We got beat up," Reyes said. "I have a big chip on my shoulder right now. I'm embarrassed. There's no way you can't be disappointed after what happened to us, and if you're not disappointed then something's wrong with you. We have a lot to prove to ourselves." Reyes, one of four captains, said he's taking it upon himself to be sure the defense has a great week of practice. "I'm going to give it all I have this week. I hope people will follow."

  • Blidi Wreh-Wilson wore a purple Washington football T-shirt to interview with media. I assume it's OK since they aren't on the schedule (though Edsall might have something to say if he watches any of the local TV sports reports this week). At least it wasn't a Michigan shirt. That just might be cause for concern.

  • Texas Southern lost its season-opener to Prairie View 16-14. It's not as bad as it sounds. Prairie View isn't the same team that lost 80 straight games from 1989-98. They won the SWAC last season, and the teams are expected to fight for the crown this season. So, be excited, UConn fans. One of the SWAC elite is on its way to the Runway. And all that means is UConn will win 49-0 instead of 59-0.

  • Texas Southern, alma mater of Michael Strahan, is loaded with Division I-A transfers. The quarterback used to play at Iowa. I'd provide more specifics, but Texas Southern has yet to send game notes or any useful information to UConn as of this afternoon. But coach Johnnie Cole was pretty good on the conference call. He said while it's great to get those transfers, they're usually coming to his school with baggage (attitude or off-field problems, not luggage). "I'm a disciplinarian," Cole said. "When those guys get here, they're young and immature. It takes some time to get through those discipline issues. Now, we can just play football."

  • Cole added his ultimate goal is to get Texas Southern to elevate its program to Division I-A status. He said he has a lot of questions for Randy Edsall about how to get that done. Asking Michael Strahan to dip into his bank account is a good place to start the fundraising.

  • Texas Southern was added to the slate at the last minute when Northeastern dropped its program at the conclusion of the 2009 season. With little time to find an opponent, it so happened TSU had an open date the same week and a game was quickly scheduled. The Huskies will continue to schedule I-AA opponents as long as the NCAA continues to count them toward bowl-eligibility (but only one a year is allowed).

  • What kind of offense does Texas Southern run? The HOBO, of course. Stands for High Octane, Big Play Offense. And yes, it should be HOBPO, not HOBO. But the Armadillos don't have time to slow down and produce accurate acronyms. You see, it's all about the high octane. Hobo! (Thanks to Neill Ostrout of the Connecticut Post for finding that on the TSU website).

  • Over-under on the number of Texas Southern/Texas State "Necessary Roughness" jokes I'll make this week? 15. Number of readers to be lost in obscure references of a movie released 19 years ago? All of them. I don't care. I owe it to coach Ed "Straight Arrow" Genarro.

  • My son began going to a new daycare last week. I momentarily forgot and began driving to his old babysitter's house. As I sped past the new preschool, my son, from his car seat, informed me I missed the turn (I believe his exact words were 'where'd school go?'). Good to know a 2-year old has a better sense of direction than mine.

That's it for now. My torso is kind of sore. Better get some ice and call the trainer.


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