Friday, January 22, 2010

Edsall updates the program

Randy Edsall held a teleconference today to provide some mid-January news. Here it is.
  • Roster deletions: Anthony Davis (university suspension), Brian Parker (dismissed academically), Scott Schultz (transfer New Haven), Casey Turner (Western Carolina), Aaron Bagsby (graduating over summer, moving on). Also walk-ons Clark Maturo, Glen Kolebrenner, Zac Zielinski and James Healy.

  • Roster additions: Marcus Campbell is back, and has his scholarship back. He also has two years of eligibility left since he never redshirted. True freshmen recruits Leon Kinnard, Mike Osiecki, Greg McKee, Gilbert St. Louis, Andrew Opoku, Jonathan Louis have all enrolled early and are on campus and taking classes.

  • Edsall on Campbell, "I see a much more mature Marcus. He learned a lesson. It's very similar to what happened to Dahna Deleston when had to sit out and came back more focused and in tune to everything."

  • Mathieu Olivier decided to come back for his fifth year, and the coaches are tyring to help get him into graduate school.

  • Terry Richardson's name came up as a finalist for the offensive coordinator at Syracuse on Surprise, surprise. The site had inaccurate information. "Don't believe everything you read," Edsall said. "That (rumor) came up about two weeks ago about Terry. He called me laughing about it. There's no truth to that whatsoever. That's one of the problems with the Internet. People can put things together with no substance. There's no accountability for anything anyone puts out there anymore."

  • Asked if his assistant coaches need more money, Edsall said, "I've already had discussion with Jeff (Hathaway). I'll leave it at that."

  • Jesse Joseph, Mike Ryan and Blidi Wreh-Wilson are fine after shoulder surgeries, but won't participate in spring practice. Greg Lloyd is out for the spring, too. Kijuan Dabney, Cody Endres, Robbie Frey and Jimmy Bennett will be limited in the spring.

  • Position changes: Lloyd is moving to defensive end. Scott Lutrus will play middle linebacker. Jonathan Jean-Louis will move to running back. Dabney is at Husky. Edsall said Jean-Louis played RB in high school, and liked what he saw from him at the position. Jean-Louis did some work at RB during walk-throughs and practices at the end of the year. With Dabney back and Jean-Louis looking like a reserve again, Edsall liked the idea of "JJ" as a RB. "He's fired up about it," Edsall said of Jean-Louis.

  • Edsall hopes to have replacements for Dave McMichael and Scott Lakatos by the Feb. 3 signing day. He is in the process of interviewing. Edsall said McMichael leaving was "more about his family" and Lakatos "felt it was a better opportunity for him and is family."

  • Spring practice opens on March 16. The spring game is April 17.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Beyond the normal hype from Coach Edsall, which is to be expected, how do you size up this class vs. ones from the past?

Do any of the WRs present the breakaway threat that the kid from Stratford (forgot his name?) provided for us last year.

And lastly, the loss of the DB coach to Georgia looms very large. What's your take?


Mark from Milford

February 04, 2010 4:29 AM 
Blogger Chip Malafronte said...


To be honest, it's impossible to truly size up a recruiting class unless you've watched hours of film on all these guys. I haven't. No one has, aside from the coaches. So I can't give much of an informed opinion other than what Edsall tells us and reading the bios. Anyone who says they can -- be it by a class "grade" or star rankings -- is pretending.

Here's the best I can do.

Based on genetics alone, Tebucky Jones Jr. could turn out to be a player in time. He's very young (just turned 17 in December) and smallish, so he may be a year or two away. Easley will be tough to replace, but Geremy Davis (6-2, 205) is similarly built.

Andrew Opoku has great size for being a safety, Josh Alexander was an absolute stud in high school, Greg McKee was a late bloomer who had some big schools come in on him late and he could turn into something special with work, I've heard nothing but rave reviews on Scott McCummings.

Losing Lakatos is tough. He was a solid recruiter, but I don't think it will matter much in the long run. Edsall is a former NFL defensive backs coach, anyway, so whomever is hired should be able to step right in.

February 04, 2010 12:01 PM 

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