Thursday, December 03, 2009

Randy Edsall won't comment on Notre Dame job

As expected, Randy Edsall refused to comment on whether or not he's been in contact with officials at Notre Dame with regard to the open coaching position. Prior to the call, UConn's director of athletic communications Mike Enright told media that Edsall would not be addressing the issue. When the question was inevitably asked (and it had to be asked), Edsall cut it off. "I think Mike Enright has already addressed that, so we'll just leave it at that."

On the injury front: Greg Lloyd's surgery on Wednesday morning went well, he's up and moving and was on campus last night. Edsall said the docs were very happy with what took place, and the lengthy rehab process begins right away

Edsall was also about the perception he ran up the score against Syracuse. He emphasized he was not trying to run up the score. "It was a situation where we tried to get a first down," Edsall said. "They came up and pressed the wide receiver in terms of what called, and that allowed us to break that pattern and run a go route. That's all Marcus (Easley) did. We were trying to get a first down. It so happens we got more than a first down. Based how they lined up, what they did, we made our normal adjustment."


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