Saturday, November 28, 2009

Summing up the Syracuse win

From the post game...
  • Randy Edsall will know more about Greg Lloyd's status Sunday. Lloyd was helped off the field in the fourth quarter.

  • The offense is running on all cylinders. That's due to the passing game. Marcus Easley is as dangerous a receiver as there is in the conference. Twice, when the Huskies needed a big play, he came through -- the 42-yarder setting up a huge score just before halftime and the touchdown late with the lead still 11. Edsall, for the first time, mentioned Easley has a chance to continue his career at the next level. He could be moving into the top half of the draft.

  • Speaking of that late Easley TD, which came on 4th-and-10 from the 27 with 47 seconds left, Edsall said the outcome was still in doubt there. It was 42-31, and in a crazy season that's seen enough last-minute meltdowns there was no reason to doubt Syracuse was still in the game. That's why they felt the need to go for it. I'm sure Doug Marrone wasn't thrilled, and he appeared to have a choice word for Edsall during the postgame handshake. But I don't think it was piling on.

  • Jordan Todman went over 1,000 yards today. Andre Dixon could get there next weekend. The coaching staff believed it could be done, Edsall said. "We've seen Andre do this before," Edsall said. "The unknown was could Jordan do what he's done and stay healthy. We knew Andre was durable. It still comes back to the offensive line."

  • Dixon's 45-yard touchdown run early in the fourth quarter, which put UConn ahead 42-24, was not the play offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead called. Frazer got the signal from the sideline mixed up, and essentially called his own play. "We said obviously we don't know what we're doing," Edsall said. "We might as well let Zach call all the plays."

  • Mike Lang's kickoff return made it three times in four games there's been a touchdown on a kickoff, and by three different players. UConn also has a punt return for a score, and has gotten tremendous punting from Desi Cullen as well.

  • While the offense is lighting up the scoreboard, the defense is allowing the opposition to do the same. This marked the third straight game UConn has allowed at least 30 points, and and the seventh its allowed at least 24. Quite an odd role reversal from previous years, when it was the defense constantly bailing out the offense. "They just aren't executing," Edsall said. "Sometimes the offense and special teams has to carry you. That's why it's a team. You look out for each other."

  • Another monster day by Lawrence Wilson. He had 13 tackles at halftime and finished with a career-high 17. Edsall wasn't totally impressed. He was on Wilson's case in practice earlier in the week, and wasn't exactly gushing about him after the game. "You want me to tell you about the (tackles) he missed?" Edsall said when asked about Wilson's 17 tackles. "He's shown up each week, but we know he can play better. There were too many mistakes (by the defense) and it's hard to single out anyone."

  • Getting to six wins is an achievement in itself, and the Huskies well almost certainly play in a third consecutive bowl game. Still hard not to think how close this team is to being 10-1, or even 11-0 right now. The offense is at a point where it can score points against anyone, and will be a handful for an SEC opponent (should they get to Birmingham, Ala. as is expected). The defense will need to sharpen up or else the next two games will be shootouts.

  • UConn's 56 points is the most its scored since a 59-0 win over Liberty in 2005, and is the most against a FBS opponent since it scored 63 in a win over Kent State on Nov. 9, 2002. Wilson has 130 tackles this season, and can pass Alfred Fincher's Division I-A school record of 140. John Dorsey's mark of 184 in a season is out of reach, unless Wilson pulls out a pair of 27 tackle games to end the year.


Anonymous Vinny from East Haven said...

Was that Barry Switzer on the sideline? Two touchdowns in the last 47 seconds is Oklahoma-style running it up. Nice to know the Huskies have a lot of class.

November 28, 2009 8:00 PM 
Anonymous uconndave said...

Chip you should be a talent evaluator. You called it on Easly when he was still not on the two deep.

November 29, 2009 12:17 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vinny from East Bumf#ck -

Stick with cruising for high school girls on game day. You wouldn't know running up the score if it ran over you, backed up and ran over you again! Hey, by the way, your application for acceptance to Uconn is still denied....we get your unending "love" for all things Huskies .... get over it already, Barbarino!

Happy Holidays,

November 29, 2009 12:26 AM 

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