Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cody Endres wins UConn QB job

More news and notes from Tuesday's media session.

  • Zach Frazer is miffed about losing the starting quarterback's job. He didn't come out and say it, but it was evident in his body language and with some of his answers. Or non-answers. He offered "no comment" when asked if he could see the decision coming as well as when he was asked about Endres' play. But, to be fair, there would be cause for real concern if he wasn't upset with the decision.

  • Frazer did say he understands his new role, and will respect the fact that he needs to be ready to play at any time. He also said he feels 100 percent healthy. "I feel great," Frazer said. "I can cut, run." Later, he said “Of course, every player wants to be on the field. “The injury, I had no control over that. Coming back, I understand my role. I’m still a leader of this team. I still want to be a part of this team. I love playing for UConn. But I have to respect my role and be ready to play in case something happens.”

  • Endres said the relationship between he and Frazer is "very business-like. We do the football stuff. Other than that, not really. But it's nothing that concerns me too much. He helps me on the field, and that's what's expected. And I helped him out as well when I was in his position. I think that's what it should be. I think he wants to win as much as me, and that's what we have to do."

  • Victor Anderson has slumped somewhat after a monster freshman season. After three strong games to start the year, he had 22 yards on 10 carries against Utah and 51 yards on 12 carries against Pitt. Last weekend against Southern Miss, he ran well before leaving the game with a minor injury. Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe says he'd like Anderson to have around 30 touches per game. But Anderson has been "banged up" much of the year. "I wouldn't even call them injuries," Kragthorpe said. "He's not been able to do as much as we'd like. He's yet to finish a game for us. Hopefully, we can get that done this week."

  • Robbie Frey, listed as questionable with a neck and head problem, is OK and will return kickoffs this weekend, according to Edsall.

  • Dixon is listed as the starter, ahead of Jordan Todman this week. Edsall says he'll probably still use them the same way even if Dixon starts. I'm not convinced. Dixon has clearly been running more effectively of late, and should seep a little more into Todman's playing time this week.

  • Edsall certainly left no gray areas this week. We usually don't get definitive answers for some things, like injuries or depth chart concerns. But we left today knowing exactly where he stood on the offensive and defensive lines as well as quarterback. He was very up front on Lutrus' situation again. He also called on players like Lindsey Witten and Robert Vaughn to step up their play. Let's hope the trend continues.

  • One thing Edsall said he did was discuss with Witten how Pitt's Greg Romeus was able to make plays when needed in the fourth quarter. UConn had contained Romeus for three quarters, but he came through when needed. He also mentioned how Cody Brown and Julius Williams did the same things last season, and told Witten that's what UConn needed him to do. "We're in league play, and Lindsey has to step up. If you can get it done with the four up front, it makes everyone else better."

  • Marcus Easley has the size and speed necessary to be a stand out in the Big East at receiver. He's 6-foot-2, 216 pounds and said he recently ran the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds. His performance in the spring game and during a couple of open practices led me to speculate on this blog that he might be the break out player among the receivers this season. Instead, Easley barely saw the field until last week, when he broke off a 79-yard touchdown reception that displayed both his breakaway speed and ability to catch the ball in stride. Easley, a former walk-on, said he had a recent awakening. "Just knowing that these games, theres' only seven or eight left," Easley said. "It's an understanding of what do you want to come out of this, how do you want to end your career? It's trying to take advantage of every opportunity that's given my way. It was frustrating (not being in the rotation early) but you can either get better from it or worse. I feel its only pushed me to work harder to make a contribution to this team."

  • Give Robbie Vaughn credit. He wore his Red Sox cap to the media luncheon today, though he had it turned backward.

  • UConn radio man Joe D'Ambrosio joins me for the live chat this Thursday at 2 p.m. at www.nhregister.com/chat. Please join us.


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