Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finishing Pittsburgh loss

My condolences, Red Sox fans. Paplebon. It's a shame. Really.
  • Three injuries of concern. DT Twyon Martin is questionable with a lower leg injury. Robbie Frey is questionable with a neck and head "situation". Scott Lutrus is doubtful with another stinger. Edsall said the news isn't all bad on Lutrus. "The one thing they tell me is his strength is even better this Sunday that it was last Sunday," Edsall said. "He feels a lot better after last night on the plane and he can do more things than he could the last time out. He doesn't have the same discomfort." That said, don't expect Lutrus to be rushed back into anything. "The main thing you lose with Scott is leadership on the defensive side," Edsall said.
  • The fourth quarter has been disastrous for UConn. Outscored 40-10 (not including Rhode Island), the defense has been stuck on the field for extended periods in both losses while the offense simply couldn't make a play. It's not conditioning, Edsall said. It's execution.
  • The quarterback situation will be addressed on Tuesday. Same with left tackle. We'll know where Frazer stands and if Mike Ryan has passed Dan Ryan then. Bagsby and Jerome Junior, too.
  • Should UConn have let Pitt score a touchdown on the final drive? At least it would have saved some time and given itself a chance to not lose. Pitt effectively ran the clock down and kicked a chip shot field goal with no time remaining. "You roll the dice either way," Edsall said, who says he feels the same about the situation today as he did after the game. "If you go ahead and let them score, who's to say we're going to go down and score anyway? You can still get a turnover or block a field goal. We didn't drive the ball all day long for any length of distance. There's always a lot of factors that go into the decisions."\


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