Monday, October 19, 2009

Edsall updates situation

Randy Edsall just finished his 10 minutes on the Big East call. He has another tough day ahead. He'll be picking up Jasper Howard's parents at Bradley International later this afternoon. He's taking them to St. Francis Hospital to visit with Dr. William Marshall, the attending physician in the operating room Sunday morning, before heading over to the UConn Health Center, where Jasper Howard's body is now, and to meet with Dr. Karen Carnes.

The UConn captains decided to wear a JH sticker on the back of the helmet, Edsall said. The team will also take either Jasper's jersey or helmet with them on the road for the rest of the season.

Edsall said he will be monitoring at least two players, who he chose not to name, very closely this week. "One had Jasper in his arms," Edsall said. "The other was pressuring where the wound went in and had blood on his hands. Those two young men I know were pretty deeply affected. I've talked to both each day. I've got to see where at today and tomorrow. If they don't feel like mentally they're ready to play, that's their decision. I'll honor whatever decision that they want to make. I know that will be respected by each and every player on our team."

Also, the Rutgers game on Oct. 31 will be at noon, and is the Big East game of the week.


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