Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bye week news

It was an informal media session at UConn today. A few players stopped in to chat. Here's some of the highlights from the afternoon.
  • Edsall has used injuries to spring quarterback surprises in the past (see Matt Bonislawski at Pitt in 2005 and Tyler Lorenzen at Syracuse last year). Will there be another ruse next week with Frazer's knee improving? Brad Kanuch brought up a good point in that Cody Endres and Frazer are both pocket passers, where Lorenzen was a threat to run.

  • Kanuch says Frazer is "making strides" in practice. "For tearing his MCL, or whatever he did to his MCL, he's already taking his drops. The only thing for him may be the lateral movement. But he is making strides."

  • Mike Hicks said the offensive line was upset that Rhode Island was able to hit the quarterback as much as they did Saturday. "It was little things, little mistakes," Hicks said. "Their style of defense, there was constant movement up front. They would bring guys three gaps over from the end spots. So if you hit them good, you would make them look bad but if you didn't pick it up, they'd make you look bad."

  • Lindsey Witten dropped "7 or 8 pounds" with his stomach virus, but says he's been able to put most of it back on. He took five or six bags of saline through IV, and is right back at his playing weight. After the Rhode Island game, Randy Edsall said it looked like it affected his play. Witten said it didn't affect him at all.

  • Robert McClain talked about the need for the Huskies' to improve their defense on 3rd-and-long situations. "Those situations are supposed to be easier," McClain said. "I think we're prepared to play that down. It's just tiny things guys are doing wrong. The routes they run, we've seen them on film and everything. It's just a matter of mentally staying focused."

  • Kanuch thinks the wide receivers have continued to progress in games one to four. The biggest test will come with the start of the conference schedule at Pitt a week from Saturday. Kanuch also wondered about Edsall's comments about trimming the receiver rotation down to six. "I don't know if that's going to happen yet," Kanuch said. "They have to ta about it more. We're playing 10 guys, and not one of the receivers had over 30 reps last game. It's good because we're always fresh. But if they bring that (number) down, it could be good for certain people and certain people might be geting mad. I guess we'll have to deal with it."

"Coach Edsall is all about productivity," Kanuch continued. "Whoever is producing, he wants out on the field. If certain guys aren't producing, they should know why (they aren't in the rotation). That's the thing about coach Edsall that's good. He doesn't base the fact that I'm a senior on why I'm playing. It's because I'm producing and doing a halfway decent job. So if he wants to bring it down to six, it's going to be the six most productive people."

  • The Runway live chats will continue in the bye week with a special guest chatter in former UConn defensive tackle Rob Lunn. Less than a year out of the program, Rob has a unique insight on everything from UConn football to blogging to his experience playing in Austria. Chat time is tomorrow (Thursday) at 2 p.m. Access the chat through


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