Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Media Day in the books

Tons of info, and time is short. I will be posting notes in 20 minute bursts starting's part one:
  • Zach Frazer's throwing mechanics aren't great, but he's past the point of being broken down and starting all over from square one like one might do with a golf swing, Edsall said. "To change his whole throwing motion now, it's too hard to do where he's at. He just has to deliver the ball on time. He accuracy could be better, but he has leadership and knowledge of the position and he does have a strong throwing arm," Edsall said.

  • The team got to see the depth chart after a 145-play scrimmage Sunday afternoon. Here's a little of what we know about it. Quarterback: 1) Frazer; 2) Endres; 3) Michael Box; 4) Johnny McEntee (though he's right there with Box, Edsall said) and 5) Casey Turner.

  • On the offensive line, experience has pushed Dan Ryan past Jimmy Bennett at left tackle. Edsall says Bennett has a ton of talent, but just isn't quite ready yet. At center, it's Moe Petrus, LaMagdelaine (who can also play tackle) and Bardzak in that order. Zach Hurd starts at RG, with Adam Masters backing him up; Mike Hicks at right tackle with Mike Ryan second string; Matt Olivier backed up by Kuraczea at left guard. "We feel we have 11 guys, some are further along, but if we have to put them in we won't feel too bad," Edsall said.

  • Dwayne Difton was a popular guy today, and with good reason. He's moved into a role where he'll be utilized a lot as a starting wide receiver. "Yeah," Edsall said. "He could (start)." Difton reminds Edsall of Darius Butler, right down to Difton choosing the No. 1 jersey worn by Butler. Difton is confident and talented. "He's as good a route runner as I've seen as a freshman," Edsall said. "He has good hands and courage. He's not afraid to go across the middle."

  • Here's what Difton said when asked what kind of receiver he sees himself as with these choices: a) someone who goes deep b) someone who goes over the middle or c) someone who gets the ball in space and makes people miss. "All of the above," Difton said. "I just want to catch the ball, that's it." More on Difton tomorrow.

  • Todman and Robbie Frey are your kickoff returners. Howard will return punts.


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