Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We're back. News and notes from Tuesday

A very busy Tuesday. The big story from today was the news that Andre Dixon was arrested for driving under the influence and suspended indefinitely.

Here's a sampling of other news to come out of the weekly media luncheon:
  • Randy Edsall told Jeff Hathaway he doesn't want to play in the St. Petersburg Bowl. UConn seems destined for Toronto, but the St. Pete Bowl's Dec. 20 date conflicts with final exams. Edsall said St. Pete may have trouble filling the slots because most schools are still in finals.

  • Aaron Bryant is still a walk-on, but he'll be starting his second straight game at middle linebacker on Saturday. Greg Lloyd remains out due to "personal issues", and C.J. Marck joins him this week. Doc Goudreau, also a walk-on, will serve as one of Bryant's backups as will Matt Ashmeade.

  • Donald Brown didn't want to talk about the NFL. Not surprising. Donald is a guy who just doesn't enjoy the media spotlight at all. He's the ultimate team-oriented player -- which is why his teammates enjoy breaking Brown's chops whever possible. A little later, as Brown was sitting alone doing a phone interview with an out-of-town media outlet, Rob Lunn joked "he's on the phone with his agent."

  • Speaking of Lunn, he ran the gamut of emotions today. The jokes were flying. Scott Lutrus was his main target, but he also got me for resembling Chachi Arcola and Desmond Conner from the Courant for his Cosby sweater. Rob was also excited because he'll be playing professionally in Austria starting in March (they're measuring him for lederhosen in the morning). Plus, he'll be blogging about his experiences for NESN and he's staying in a castle. Seriously. I imagine Rob frolicking in the Alps with the Von Trapp family, singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music." But he showed his poignant side, too. I asked him about Senior Day and what might be running through his head as he exits the tunnel at the Runway one final time, and Rob broke down and cried. His time at UConn, his teammates and coaches mean so much to him that he was overcome with emotion. It was a Barbara Walters moment. But, as usual, Rob was speaking from the heart. It was touching. More on Lunn and the seniors later this week in the print edition of the Register.

  • For those not quite convinced Edsall isn't interested in the Syracuse job....the Sporting News ran a story today which quoted former Syracuse star Qadry Ismail, who tabbed Edsall as his pick to succeed Greg Robinson. Ismail said he had a "private conversation" with Edsall regarding the position and Edsall's concerns about the Syracuse job. Edsall, asked about that today, vehemently denied ever speaking with Ismail. He also said he never got calls pitching the job from Jim Brown or Floyd Little, as was reported last month. Edsall says he hasn't spoken with Ismail in over a year. "This is ridiculous. The last time I talked with Ismail was on a plane a year ago," Edsall said. "That's the last time I ever spoke with Qadry Ismail. And I never spoke with Jim Brown and I never spoke with Floyd Little. It's over, man. It's done. Jeez, how many times do you have to say it? I don't know what I've got to do in this day and age, boy. I'm glad I've got these kids here because that's what keeps you sane. That's what keeps you going."

  • Just call Will Beatty "Chef". Big Will cooked a Thanksgiving meal for some of his teammates who remained on campus during the team's hiatus. Edsall and Julius Williams were impressed. Edsall sampled some rice pudding, and Julius raved about the food. Perhaps Beatty has another calling. But Edsall thinks he'll get an opportunity to play at the next level despite taking a while to play to his potential. "He still has room to grow and develop," Edsall said.

That should tide you for now. Check back later, there should be another update.


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