Monday, December 01, 2008

Brown will consider NFL

Randy Edsall said he and Donald Brown have had preliminary discussions about the possibility of Brown leaving school early to enter the NFL draft in April, but will wait until the season is finished to have the serious talks.

"As a coach, it's my responsibility to sit down with him and take a look and see where he might be projected," Edsall said Monday. "I don't think Donald wants to leave, but the opportunity is there."

Edsall said he had a similar chat with cornerback Darius Butler after last season. The two gathered information and analyzed where Butler might be drafted. Butler then decided it would be best to stick around for his senior season.

"It'll probably be the same thing with Donald," Edsall said. "Once you get that information, you sit down and take a look at it."

Brown will be "close" to having enough credits to graduate after this semester, Edsall said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really can't blame him if he leaves if he's that close to graduating this year. Considering the shelf life of RB's these days, it may be worth it if he's drafted on Day 1. I really haven't heard anything on where he's being projected. Anyone channel Mel Kiper Jr?

Big East Bowl bids look to be all locked up, making this weekend pretty meaningless. The only game with any bowl ramifications seems to be Rutgers-Lousiville. I have:

Orange - Cincy
Sun - Pitt
Car Care - WVU
International - UConn
PapaJohn's - Rutgers
St. Pete - USF

December 01, 2008 12:13 PM 

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