Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frantic Louisville postgame

Say this about the Huskies'....they've got guts. Impressive night overall, considering the circumstances. Quickly...

  • Tyler Lorenzen (foot) and Steve Brouse (fibula) both suffered fractures, and both will undergo surgery on Sunday. No time frame is known at the moment on possible returns, but expect both to be out at least six weeks, depending on the severity of the fractures.

  • Here's toughness for you. Lorenzen broke his foot on the 11-yard run in the second quarter. He knew he broke it, and was jesturing toward the sideline, Edsall said. But Tyler remained in the game for the next seven plays. He handed off every time, mostly to Brown, but that's pretty gutsy.

  • Kendall Reyes (ankle) and Rob Lunn (ankle) were also among the wounded. Their status at the moment is unclear. Darius Butler (knee to the back) told me he's fine. No problems. Lindsey Witten (knee) returned to the game and knocked a pass down. Edsall said he'll give the team the next three days off to recoup.

  • Zach Frazer did a tremendous job once he settled down. Have to be impressed with his day. To me, he seemed to show some fire following a roughing the passer call against the Cards in the third, with the score 21-10. Frazer bounced up, pumped his fist when he saw the flag. He was on his game from that moment. Consider: prior to that play, he wasn't even close on two passes, fumbled a couple of snaps and had the pitch that was fumbled by Donald Brown. After that play, he finished with a scoring drive, that included his first career completion and TD pass (to Todman and Butler, respectively. Frazer finished a respectable 8-for-15 for 90 yards.

  • "I was a little nervous," Frazer said. "But it's fun being out there. I like it when the crowd is like that. I don't mind getting hit. Halftime we came in, everyone got together and focused. We said we're going out in the second half as a new team. We did it together as a team. People were going down left and right, and we still got it done."

  • More from Frazer, who talked about his abrupt entrance to college football (he'd never taken a snap in a game before), "It happened in a flash. One second, I'm standing there listening to the headphones. Next thing, I'm putting my helmet on and going in. My team had my back the whole way and I appreciate that."

  • "I was impressed with his composure," Edsall said of Frazer. "I saw good things out of him this week and made the decision to make him the No. 2. I saw that fesitiness and competitive spirit again. He was calm. He was a great leader on the sideline. He's a guy that really wants it. I'm proud of him, and he'll have to start for us now."

  • "Defensively, we stunk in the first half. We got some things straightened out, and shut them out," Edsall said. "We had enough left in the gas tank to pull it out. We're banged up and beat up, but we just have to live with it."

  • "They have a lot of belief in each other. They love each other, they care about each other, they'll do whatever they have to do for each other. They're just willing to do whatever it takes," Edsall said. "They came out and hit us hard, and hit us quick. it was a 15-rounder, and we were the last ones standing. We hit back, but they hit us pretty good."

  • Donald Brown has now rushed for 906 yards in five games. That's 181 yards-per game, with 11 touchdowns. Have to include him in the Heisman Trophy watch list, now.

  • Could the Huskies break into the top 25 this week? Well, that all depends on what happens Saturday. At the very least, they should be right on the bubble.

  • Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe on the game-winning interception, "They played a little bit of man and three coverage there. They draw the same linebacker underneath it. He was freed up because they were in a position to rush four guys with a man and three and he was freed up for a little robber coverage. (Cantwell) just didn't see the guy, he was trying to get it in there."

  • Kragthorep on the adjustments UConn's offense made in the second half, "They went to more quick passes. They went to some maximum protection passes off of play action running where they could block up to seven or eight guys and throw the ball down the field. They went to more quick passe to try to get the ball out of their hands. The guy (Darius Butler) caught a string down there in the red zone. It was a good job on their part. They got away from some of the passes they'd thrown earlier in the game where we could get pressure on them."

  • Lawrence Wilson said, "We ran the slant route (to prepare for Louisville's offense in practice). With Chichester, they have a big, tall receiver. They ran it out of a different formation tonight, but we finally caught on to it. And when we really needed to, we did."

  • How about this stat? Total offense for the game: UConn 279 yards, Louisville 508!!!

  • Louisville defensive end Maurice Mitchell, talking about UConn's offense, "It seemed like they were going to little three step drops, just to get the ball out. Hitches and slants to get six or seven yards at a time, instead of dropping back and passing, giving us time to get there."

I'll add some stuff periodically soon. Just wanted to get the injury info out there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unbelievable gutsy win last night. I feel really bad for Tyler Lorenzen. He's not a flashy or prolific QB, but always seems to get the job done, seems like a classy kid and represents the program well. From purely a football standpoint though, it looks like the Huskies may be able to get the ball downfield a tad more in the passing game with Frazer. Not saying they're gonna be better without Tyler, but you could clearly see the gameplan change with Frazer in there. If they are not ranked after this week it is a joke. Not that it matters, but this is almost the same team as last year. Where's the respect? Can we please bury the "unfair catch" now?


September 27, 2008 9:30 AM 
Anonymous Sean O said...

Frazer has an NFL arm. Butler is single-handedly solving the WR problem. And Donald Brown might be the best back in the country.

I don't know what to say but what an amazing win. Sorry Coach Edsall, but the sky is the limit right now. I think winning the Big East is a reasonable expectation.

September 27, 2008 10:28 AM 
Anonymous Gary said...

correct me if i'm wrong, but UConn is the only team in the country that has 5 wins (until about 3pm, but still)

September 27, 2008 11:05 AM 
Anonymous Vinny from East Haven said...

This has got to be the luckiest team on the planet.

September 27, 2008 3:41 PM 

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