Saturday, December 08, 2007

Some Saturday notes

Here's what I've got...
  • Lou Allen's suspension is over. He returned to practice on Friday. Randy Edsall said Allen takes over where he left off when the suspension was issued over a month ago. Allen will be a key part of special teams, and will work as the third-string tailback.

  • Dennis Brown took the snaps with the first team offense because Tyler Lorenzen had another day off. Lorenzen also mentioned how he and some players have been trading barbs (good fun) with Edsall regarding the Georgia Tech coaching situation last week. "I wish someone would give me a day off like I've given Tyler a couple days off," Edsall joked.

  • Note to those Christmas shopping for Donald Thomas and Tyvon Branch: Hawaiian shirts and bathing suits might come in handy. Both were selected to the Hula Bowl on Jan. 12 and will spend a week there in Honolulu. It's a prestigious senior all-star game and a fairly big deal for both.

  • The Hula Bowl will certainly help both in their pursuit of the NFL, as this game provides plenty of exposure to scouts. But it's the predraft workouts that will truly gauge how close Branch and Thomas are to being drafted. Branch is the team's top senior prospect right now, and is drawing some major interest. Thomas isn't far behind and will get a shot in someone's camp if his name isn't called on draft day. Danny Lansanah, Larry Taylor and Dan Davis could also get opportunities to make a practice squad.

  • Thomas, from West Haven, is one of my newspaper's local guys. So I need everyone reading this to drop everything you're doing and come up with a well-crafted and convincing outline telling the New Haven Register why it should spend roughly $3,000 to send me to Hawaii to cover the Hula Bowl. Oh yeah, offering donations would help, too. I don't ask for much, do I? I mean, you all would love some extra coverage chronicling Thomas' and Branch's week at the Hula Bowl, right? Right?


Blogger The X Man said...

If Calhoun dropped an f-bomb in public and directed at a teen-ager or anyone else who is a student at the Univeristy, it should be Universityh administration, not the Big East, taking action.How many children were sitting in the stands and heard him? How many civ9ilized people? Despite what Calhoun thin,s this is a game and not a war zone. Coaches have lost their jobs for similar potty-mouthedness.

December 09, 2007 11:08 PM 
Blogger Chip Malafronte said...

Who is this Calhoun you speak of? What is his connection to UConn football?

December 10, 2007 8:29 AM 
Anonymous adam said...

Guesses for Big East standings next year?
1. Wvu
2. Pitt
4. Uconn
5. Rutgers
6. Cincy
7. Louisville
8. Syracuse

That is what i would say. WVU is still going to have a good team.. They are always good. They have Pat White.
Pitt is recruiting one of the best classes and even if coach wan is a bad coach they have 4 consecutive top 25 recruiting classes. they showed how much better they got through the year as they beat WVU. plus the announcer said they lose like 3 starters. Only one is any good
USF is young and they have Groethe and Mike Ford i believe his name is coming back. He is a good player.
We have an overachieving team. We always recruit poor but i think we will do well just like this year. We will beat rutgers too! No fluke calls this year
Rutgers will lose there entire offense.. schiano is overrated
Louisville sucks and so does kragthorpe
Syracuse is pathetic

December 10, 2007 8:27 PM 

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