Friday, August 17, 2007

Scenes from Memorial Stadium

Here's a Friday practice report, held in the friendly confines of Memorial Stadium:

  • No surprise, but there was no elaboration on why Corey Stringer and Andre Dixon were suspended or for how long. They are suspended for an indefinite period, and Edsall says he doesn't know when that indefinite period will be up.

  • With Dixon out, Robbie Frey has moved past Dixon as the team's third-string tailback, behind "The Donald" and Lou Allen. Frey has impressed with his speed and smarts. Meme Wylie has also caught Edsall's attention.

  • LB Ryan Henegan again wore an ominous brace on his left knee and walked with a fairly severe limp. Randy Edsall only said he was still day-to-day, but it looks right now like an injury that may cost him a couple of weeks minimum.

  • Avoid Lloyd, Part II. LB Greg Lloyd played with the first string in Henegan's place. He has great speed, which is why he is where he is now. Whether Lloyd fully grasps everything that's happening around him on the field right now is unlikely. But he's a natural. Makes sense, considering his father was a monster for the Pittsburgh Steelers. "I wanted to get a look at him with the ones and see how he'd respond. I've been impressed with his football speed and ability," Edsall said. "I'm sure things are still a little scrambled in his mind, but I like his football savvy."

  • DE Cody Brown was given a rest after tweaking his ankle. Didn't sound serious, and he'll likely be back by Monday.

  • WR Isiah Moore will undergo season-ending shoulder surgery on Tuesday. It's been dislodged a couple of times, and surgery is the only way to keep it from happening continually. He's expected to be ready by January.

  • Tyvon Branch will return kickoffs alongside Larry Taylor. Edsall likes the experience of having two seniors, one in his fifth year (Branch), handling that aspect. Branch has great speed, evidenced by his continually winning practice-ending sprints. "He'll be good as long as he hangs onto the ball," Edsall said.

  • Edsall remarked how UConn's quarterback situation is as solid as it's been in a long time. Tyler Lorenzen won the job for several reasons, not the least of which is his poise and confidence in the huddle and on the sideline. More on the QBs in Saturday's Register.

  • Edsall would prefer not to have Desi Cullen, whoops, I mean The Heat Miser handle place kicking along with punting and kickoffs. For sure, he's the punter and kickoff man now. Dave Teggart had his best day of practice Friday, Edsall said, but the competition is still open for field goals between the three members of Kick Force.

  • Marcus Campbell has been moved from defensive end to outside linebacker, and he'll stay there for the year.

  • In my haste to post the Jeff Hathaway quotes last night, I missed a couple of typos. Hathaway didn't say UConn will be better five years ago than they are today. It was five years from now. Couple others. But they are fixed now.

That's it.


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