Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Starting at quarterback: Tyler Lorenzen

Randy Edsall announced Tyler Lorenzen will be the opening day starter, beating out Dennis Brown in the competition to be quarterback.

Edsall nor anyone else will be available for comment today, so we'll have to wait until Friday to get reaction. Until then, here's the canned quote from the UConn press release.

"We have decided to name Tyler as our starter for the 2007 season," Edsall said. "We feel that it was a good competition between Tyler and Dennis but that Tyler has clearly solidified himself as the number one quarterback at this point. Dennis will be a more than capable backup. I am confident in his abilities. I know that he will be a solid number two and will give us a great performance if needs be. I feel like it is time to go forward from here with Tyler as the number one and have the whole offensive unit working together."


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