Friday, January 19, 2007

A glimpse at the future

The January recruits met the media this afternoon at the Burton Complex. Tyler Lorenzen, Jarrell Miller, Aaron Bagsby and Corey Stringer answered all our questions and provided a glimpse of what the Huskie faithful will be in store for over the next few seasons. I think you'll all be pleasantly surprised. Seth Fogarty also spoke about an initiative he started called "Project Haiti". It is a noble cause, and one that deserves its own blog entry.

The full story on the recruits will be in tomorrow's paper, but here's a few observations and quotes in the mean time.

  • Tyler Lorenzen looks, acts and speaks like a quarterback. He says he molds himself after Brett Favre, which certainly can be a good thing. He's also going to take the bull by the horns this spring. Asked about the situation with D.J. and Dennis Brown right now, Lorenzen said, "Having a bunch of guys who can play at one position is great thing. The bottom line is it's about wins. I'm a new guys here. I understand that. But we want the best opportunity to win games. I came here to play, but I also came here to win. That's what matters. The awkwardness goes away real quick once you get to know people and once you understand how people are. You become friends. Football is a game and it's something we all love."

  • Lorenzen said he's knee-deep into the UConn playbook, but there are a lot of similarities between it and what he ran at Palomar. "We ran a spread offense at Palomar. But it's the same concepts but different language. Im learning the language, and thinking UConn football."

  • All four mentioned UConn's facilities are superior to anything they've encountered anywhere. The phrase "I was blown away" was used often.

  • Randy Edsall mentioned how much he was impressed with Lorenzen's accuracy on tape. He also mentioned the intangibles, like Lorenzen's natural leadership ability and the fact that he has a real grasp of the position and its nuances.

  • Is UConn football well known on the west coast? "The Big East is on the map," Lorenzen said. "Anyone who watched any college football this season knows that. Going 5-0 in bowl games speaks volumes.

  • Jarrell Miller is listed at 6-foot-3, 267 pounds. Folks, he's a middle linebacker. Read that again. 267 pounds! Edsall said if Miller shows he can play the position effectively at that weight, he can stay there. Sounds like there's been some talk of a move to defensive end, but expect the coaches to make Miller shed a few pounds if needed to remain at linebacker.

  • Sounds like Miller is a pretty intense dude on the field. "When I step on that field, I go crazy," Miller said. "I start foaming at the mouth. I like to yell when I make a play. When my teammates make a play I yell. My attitude toward football is that football is one of the things in my life that has kept me alive. I don't want to disrespect it or take it for granted because in an instant it can be taken away and you never play again. I go hard every day because any day could be my last day."

  • Miller didn't exactly enjoy the military lifestyle at Fork Union. He wanted to enroll in college in January, and was even considering Division I-AA or Division II schools if it had to be. But UConn coaches Hank Hughes and Todd Orlando talked Miller into visiting campus in December, and it was love at first sight. Miller admitted there were some friends and other forces trying to talk him out of going to "a basketball school". But this, he said, was what he wanted and a decision he made for himself.

  • Corey Stringer has been cleared to participate in spring practice. He suffered an ACL tear not long after committing to UConn last winter, and has been rehabbing it ever since. He said he will be 100 percent.

  • Las Vegas native Aaron Bagsby is freezing his tail off. Aaron, this has been a mild winter. It will only get worse!

  • Bagsby was getting interest from UConn while in high school, but felt the need to attend a prep school to get bigger and stronger. He made 85 tackles and four picks while playing most of the season with a broken thumb. I like the toughness. He's an athlete who also played wide receiver, running back, returned kicks and punts and even punted in high school. He was also a track star.


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