Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dixon trying to get up to speed at UConn

Keyion Dixon opened more than a few eyes as a quarterback when he was a senior at Glastonbury High School but the reality is that he would rather be on the receiving end of passes.

Dixon took the first steps towards realizing that goal when he headed up to UConn last week to take part in the conditioning program as well as enroll in some classes in the summer session.

"I am coming at it full speed," Dixon said after being named the offensive MVP for the winning Team Constitution squad at the Super 100 Classic at Rentschler Field. "They are always about precision routes, running everything with timing, just execution and that is what I really have to work on adjusting to the tempo of things and getting everything correct at that moment of time."

The receiving position is an interesting mix at UConn with veterans Noel Thomas and Brian Lemelle joined by talented youngsters Tyraiq Beals, Hergy Mayala and Aaron McLean.

"You have to take heed at what the other guys tell you because they have been in the same position when they were a freshman," Dixon said. "They tell you all the do's and don't, you just have to learn from them, soak up all that you can. You have to be a sponge in your first couple of weeks and in your first year because they have been there before. They know what to tell you in order for you to succeed because we all want to win. All of our receivers there because they all have different skill sets that you can benefit from so you try to see what they are good at and implement into your game."

Dixon admits that the workout sessions run by Matt Balis "are kicking my butt."

"We had our first leg day so they made us lift and then run so I figured wow, they are really into this," Dixon said. "Once you lift it, OK let's go run,  mentally you have to be focused for anything they can throw at you.

"You wake up at 5, you try to eat but it is hard when you have an hour to get ready and change. It is a workout from 6-7:30, you have to go to class until 8:15. My class schedule is 8:15-12:30, a rest period and go back and do practice."

Dixon had two catches in yesterday's game. The first one was a 65-yard touchdown and the other one was a 40-yard grab which set up another TD. Being on the same field where he will play his home games only increased his excitement to put on the UConn uniform.

"It is a dream come true," Dixon said. "You realized that you worked all your high school career, basically all of your life to get there and when you are there, you try to take in as much as you can. It is also a learning curve because you don't know what to expect going in there, they just throw you in there and teach you but it is hard to grasp all of that. It is very stressful; very tiring.

"You try a lot to make a good first impression on the team but then you realize there are other guys there who have the same skill set as you  so you try to differentiate yourself from the crowd. once you get into your comfort zone."



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