Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Impressive show by offense at UConn's practice

Running back Ron Johnson was among the offensive playmakers
who had impressive showings at Wednesday's spring practice
Whether it is during the spring or fall practices I have grown accustomed to seeing the defense dominate the proceedings when the first team units square off or even when the second-team offense meets up against the second-team defense.

That was not always the case today.

Defensive players certainly had their moments including Matt Walsh flying through to stuff Arkeel Newsome for a loss or pass breakups by reserve cornerbacks John Green and Javon Hadley in a span of three plays in a 7 on 7 drill. However, there were more instances of offensive players making their presence known. There was a play when tight end Tommy Myers and left tackle Matt Peart sealed the edge allowing Ron Johnson to race untouched down the sidelines, a couple of tough catches over the middle by tight end Alec Bloom and then a series of impressive catches in the end zone by redshirt freshman Frank Battle. The young receivers each had moments to shine while Johnson continues to catch the ball better than I have ever seen him and today especially he looked to be a step quicker.

"We as an offense wanted to set the tone," tight end Tommy Myers said.."Just because you are a year older doesn't mean you are going to be better. Me especially, I just focused on the little things, working on your craft and it really shows out on the field, the excitement to play football so it is nice."
It should be noted that the last time I was at practice (which was a while back due to my women's basketball coverage) that Trey Rutherford was starting at right guard but today former starting center Brendan Vechery and starting tackle Richard Levy split time with the first team while Rutherford worked with the second team.

"It is looking pretty good, we are doing a lot of great stuff in the spring," Bloom said. "They are getting a lot better in the spring which is the goal of the whole offense.

"We have a lot of guys back so we are older, we are more mature and we are trying to lead the team be the real driving (force) of the team."

UConn coach Bob Diaco said that linebacker Chris Britton has been the team's most improved player.

"He was not functional, could not function and now he can," Diaco said. "He looks like a guy who can go into the game, play plays and be a liability. He keeps growing the way he is growing, he is definitely going to play this year."

Diaco tends to accentuate the positive in his dealings with the media so it is normal to anticipate that he is going to say how much he likes the progress he has seen. That is exactly what was said and here are some of his thoughts.

"There really is not a guy who hasn't gotten better which has manifested itself into a collection of positive plays," Diaco said. "It has been more crisp moving team in all three phases and there is more clarity."


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