Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A little more on UConn's spring roster

Taking a closer look at UConn's spring roster, which I reported was posted a few days ago, and a few things jumped out at me.

First, former Hand High star Matt Walsh is now listed as a linebacker after spending last two seasons at fullback. The only other significant positional changes I noticed weren't really changes at all as Steve Hashemi is back being listed as an offensive lineman and Sheriden Lawley is once again listed as a defensive linemen. They were both shifted to tight end a season ago because of a lack of bodies at those positions.

When I first looked at the roster, the heights and weights were the same as in the final game of the 2014 season. That is clearly not the case any longer. Here are the biggest movers

Alec Bloom, TE          235 to 257
Cameron Stapleton LB 226 to 246
Kenton Adeyemi, DL 268 to 287
Luke Carrezola LB      230 to 248
Sean Marinan DL        264 to 286
Mikal Myers DL         312 to 328

Also, the biggest drop of weight was by quarterback Bryant Shirreffs, who was listed at 228 when he redshirted after transferring from North Carolina State and he is now at 216.

There were some number changes as cornerback Javon Hadley goes from No. 11 to 4, linebacker Junior Joseph is now No. 11 after wearing 39 a season ago, Hashemi goes from 83 to 73 now that he is a full-time offensive lineman while Lawley goes from 88 to 50 (although if memory serves me right, he did have No. 50 late last season).


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