Tuesday, December 02, 2014

UConn's Bob Diaco's thoughts on situation at UAB

I would think nightmarish scenarios for coaches don't get much worse than what happened today at Alabama Birmingham when the football program was one of three eliminated by the school.

During today's press conference I asked Bob Diaco for his take on what went down at UAB.

"It is a very hard question," Diaco said. "I am not tuned in enough to this situation down there to really speak on it. You have families involved, kids involved. you have homes, you have all of these coaches. It is really hard, I would think those players would be unrestricted and go where they want after this. Boston University back in the day and those guys were able to come up and go, not lose any time so I wish them all (the best). I am sure those coaches tried hard and did the best they could and the players on the team understand that."


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