Thursday, September 25, 2014

Freshmen making an impact on defense for UConn

One of the more intriguing aspects of the way UConn has gone about things on the defensive side of the ball has been how the younger players are being utilized more and more with each passing week.

In Friday's loss at South Florida the freshmen class had more solo tackles than either the senior or sophomore classes.

Junior Joseph led the way with four solo tackles including two tackle for losses, Foley Fatukasi had three tackles including one of the Huskies' 10 tackles for loss while Jamar Summers and Luke Carrezola each had a solo tackle.

"Foley played his best game Friday night and I am looking forward to him participating more," UConn coach Bob Diaco, "These guys are going to be around here for a long time. It is not just the end of '14 and '15, these guys are here '15 and beyond, Mikal (Myers, a sophomore defensive lineman), (freshman linebacker) Vontae (Diggs) played a bunch, (Luke) Carrezola played a bunch, Junior Joseph is making a big impact in the games at outside linebacker, it is exciting."

For those interested in the class breakdown, here you go
SENIORS: 6 solo tackles, 5 assists
JUNIORS: 29 solo tackles, 13 assists
SOPHOMORES: 8 solo tackles, 2 assists
FRESHMEN: 9 solo tackles

"I couldn't imagine playing as a true freshman going back to when I was 17/18 years old," said Byron Jones, one of three seniors to have tackles against USF, "I wasn't mature enough, physically mature enough at that time to even think about playing so the fact that those guys are out there and playing well is a testament to their work.

"They have to continue to stay on the right path. It is a long career for them, they have to keep working. They understand that and coach Diaco is going to pull every little piece he can out of them."


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