Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tomorrow's Women's Football 101 Clinic at UConn a sellout

UConn announced that all 200 slots for tomorrow's Women's Football 101 Clinic have been sold out with UConn President Susan Herbst among the participants for the event.

"We were half full after three days of registration," Diaco said. "Like anything else some people don't understand what it is all about so that is what it is about, showing a group of people that have never been in an actual football meeting as a players an opportunity to look, feel and see what that is like, learn about how we teach hitting and striking.

"From my perspective leading in here I am very interested in teaching football striking positions and how we teach the players to move, strike and hit and in kind of a grassroots effort to be sure that people can understand that amidst all of the conversations of it being unsafe that we are teaching it in a safe way, we are really making an effort and showing people that the game is safe and we are teaching it in a safe way and here is how we are teaching it so give grandmothers, mothers, daughters, future mothers, aunts and neighbors and guardians to allow the young people in their lives a chance to participate as a youngster in football, that they will have a deeper understanding of how we teach hitting and how we teach striking position so that will be a big, big plus. Everybody will be involved, it is a complete community service if anything we will be in the red. It is not a money maker, we don't make any money, we take our own time rather than being at dinner, soccer games, baseball games we are going to take another night and work and try to serve the community. It is fun, fun night. It is a great event and for anybody not to think it is a great event is really convoluting the whole thing."

The future of the tight end position at UConn was on display when redshirt freshmen Quinn Thompson and Tommy Myers combined for nine catches at UConn's spring game. One of the more intriguing prospects among the soon to be arriving incoming freshman class is Alec Bloom and now UConn added New Jersey tight end Ian Campbell to its current recruiting class.

He is the second tight end to commit to UConn joining Ben Hartwick, who like Campbell is in the 6-5/6-6 range.

With all the buzz surrounding the offseason conditioning program, I am curious to see what the tight ends are listed at when preseason camp starts on Aug. 1 but right now here are the heights and weights of the scholarship tight ends on the roster

Sean McQuillan 6-3 239
Tommy Myers 6-5 238
Quinn Thompson 6-4 244
Michael Boland 6-4 252

Bloom was listed at 6-6 235 on the national signing day release put out by UConn. McQuillan is a junior while the others will be freshmen so there will be no lack of red-zone targets at the tight end position in the coming years.

As for Campbell, he is a talented enough athlete to also play basketball and lacrosse at Pequannock Township HS. As a junior he had one game with two catches for 136 yards, both going for touchdowns and another with seven receptions.


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