Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vikings GM thrilled to land UConn's Stephen

I just listened to a video of the post-draft press conference with Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman.

Spielman said that with three seventh-round picks, he was considering trading one of them to pick up a sixth-round selection in next year's draft but not with Stephen still on the board.

"When you have a big guy him to be sitting there, we were not going to trade that pick," Spielman said.

He also said that after he selected UConn's team MVP that some rival GMs texted him with "he was our guy" responses.

Here's some of Spielman's other thoughts on landing Stephen.

"He's a strong physical nose tackle," Spielman said. "He's another player high on our board at the time when we were picking. I did not feel like he was not going to be there much longer. This guy will come in and compete as an interior player for us. We really enjoyed visit with him, trying to create as much competition as we possibly can."



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