Friday, April 18, 2014

UConn NFL products supporting memorial for Jasper Howard

There's an online petition to create support for a permanent memorial for Jasper Howard at Rentschler Field.

The signatures are rolling in and many of the UConn players in the NFL are among those offering their support for the project by signing the petition and using their Twitter accounts to encourage others to do the same.

Scott Lutrus BROOKFIELD, CT about 3 hours ago    Liked 1
A reason why this is important to me? Try to give me one reason why it is not important to me. A fallen teammate and brother who is a huge part of our UConn family. Never forgotten.

Sio Moore @MrOakTown55
Jazz means a lot to our family and he meant a lot to me!!! If I know one thing the nation knows how to be a family. 

Blidi @BlidiWrehWil5on


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