Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Catching up with Logan Marchi

With the high school football season fast approaching, I was assigned a story on UConn commit Logan Marchi which is scheduled to run in tomorrow's paper.

I attended St. Paul's scrimmage against Wolcott, Plainville and Canton late last month and spoke with Logan after the scrimmage was over on a variety of different topics including his leadership, growth as a quarterback and how he initially wanted to play running back when he started playing football.

Of course the subject of St. Paul's impressive performance in Northeast 7x7 regional tournaments and the aftermath of his commitment to UConn also came up. Here's what he had to say about those matters.

“That was awesome,” Marchi said. “It gave us some motivation and it gave us some confidence. Nobody believed in us but us. Our losing records haven’t shown our passing game but on 7 on 7 we got to show what we are about. We were an elite Connecticut team on 7 on 7 and the guys loved it and we are trying to carry it over to the season.

“We have every skill guy back from last year so we are trying to light it up through the air. We are getting better on the (offensive)-line and I am looking forward to slinging the ball around. They are going to make catches, they are going to make plays and they are going to help me out.”

One thing that Marchi is not focused on right now is his future at UConn. One of the reasons he committed so swiftly was so he could concentrate solely on trying to lead St. Paul to its first state tournament appearance since losing to New Canaan in the 2009 Class MM semifinals.

“I haven’t thought about it,” Marchi said. “I have been focused on my team and focused on what we are doing here and UConn is in the future. I am going to worry about that when it comes up, I am trying to get my team ready and I am trying to get them ready to make a run at this, make a run at the playoffs.

“The distractions, the calls, the recruiting, it is good to get it out of the way so I can focus 100 percent, It is nice to have the team know I am totally focused on them and not where you are going next year. It worked out perfect and I am glad the way it happened. I am looking forward to the season this year so we can move forward and not have to look back at anything.”



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