Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss open practice? Then read on.

Pretty decent turnout for open practice today. I'd guess there were around 300. Even got a chance to meet a few. For those who weren't here today, here's a rundown.
  • Jerome Junior didn't practice today after taking a hit to the head earlier in the week. Edsall said it's not serious, and expects him back in a few days. Andrew Opoku missed practice with a stiff back. Those were the only new injuries.

  • Greg Lloyd caught Edsall by surprise by entering at middle linebacker on scout team during a goal-line drill. "What are you doing out here," Edsall asked Lloyd. "Just running around a little," Lloyd said. "You better not get hurt," Edsall said. Actually, Lloyd had played during an earlier drill that Edsall must have missed. "He's cleared to go, I just didn't know he was going in to play," Edsall said after practice. "It's fine. If he wants some reps, he can go."

  • Leon Kinnard is still working with the receivers; Edsall still says he's a quarterback. But today, he conceded, "He's a quarterback who's an athlete, is what he is," Edsall said. "He's a very good athlete who can do a lot of things."

  • Adam Masters and Mathieu Olivier are still working with the first team on the left side of the offensive line. Jimmy Bennett and Erik Kuraczea are behind them at tackle and guard. "We're still evaluating," Edsall said, adding that Bennett is improving every day and that Kuraczea is working hard but hasn't been better than Olivier at this point. Kuraczea is listed at 324, down a few pounds from last season. Edsall would like to see him lose even more.

  • Mike Lang said he wasn't disappointed at all when told he would be switched from receiver to safety. He played both in high school, and says he enjoyed hitting people just as much as he enjoyed catching the ball and making plays. Lang and true freshman Byron Jones have looked strong thus far, and are in position to secure backup roles to Junior and Kijuan Dabney. Lang is also behind Jordan Todman and Robbie Frey as a kickoff returner.

  • Frey had a nice practice, breaking off some very good runs. Meme Wylie too. Along with Todman and D.J. Shoemate, there could be great depth at tailback. "If you have that many guys that can do that many things, it only aids what you're trying to do offensively," Edsall said. "It's hard to play that many, but certain guys can do things in certain situations. That's what we have to determine over the next 24 practices."

  • Double sessions tomorrow. No media access until Monday, however.


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