Friday, December 28, 2007

Media Day in Charlotte

Quite frankly, it was pretty uneventful. Media days usually are. Especially the ones held in tiny pizza joints at 10 a.m. Is 10 a.m. too early for pizza? Yes. Here's my bullet-pointed rundown.
  • Media Day was held at a local joint called Fuel Pizza. They didn't put an address in the bowl media guide, and when I looked it up online I discovered there were five Fuel Pizza's in Charlotte. So I parked down by Charlotte Bobcats Arena and hoped I had picked the right one. Of course, I was wrong. Had to walk about a mile to find the actual restaurant, and along the way bumped into Kevin Nathan of Channel 30, who was also lost. Found out a little later that Wayne "Bowser" Norman, also couldn't find the place.

  • Not sure if I like "Bowser" or "Mr. July" as my new nickname for Wayne-O. "Fabian" is a good one, too. Write in and tell us what you think.

  • Riley Skinner, the Wake Forest quarterback, is a super nice kid. But he has a Beatle-esque mop-top, forcing me to resist the urge to start my questions for him, "So, Ringo..."

  • Wake coach Jim Grobe also seems like just a good guy.

  • Was asked by a few colleagues who read yesterday's blog if I was able to get dry today. Yep. They left me four full-sized bath towels today. Now if they can just get me a new battery for the remote control, I might be able to turn the channel without getting up every time.

  • Watching the B.C.-Michigan State Champs Sports Bowl. Boston College safety Jamie Silva may have the cheesiest hair-do in college football. He looks like Kip Winger, circa 1986. Wonder if he studies ballet like Winger, too. Tim Russert of NBC News gave the intros for B.C. Is there a sports team in America this guy isn't a "hu-yuge, hu-yuge fan" of? By the way, Darius Butler and Tyler Lorenzen taped the intros for the offense and defense for the ESPN broadcast this morning. Ricky Proehl will do it for Wake.

  • UConn fans seemed to be out in force this afternoon around the downtown Charlotte area. Lots of blue-and-white sweatshirts and caps. The rain put a damper on the street festival, however.

  • Checked out the UNC-Charlotte campus before heading back to the hotel. Very pretty campus, even if it was completely deserted. I saw one car drive past the entire 30 or so minutes I walked around campus, and of course they stopped to ask me directions to the admissions office. Never fails. Whenever I'm on the road walking somewhere, somebody will stop me and ask for directions. Guess I just always appear to be local.

  • Answered some questions for a Wake Forest student's blog today. Zach Smith does a nice job with his Old Gold & Blog. Here's the link, even though he doesn't know my cousin, a fellow Wake student.

See you pregame tomorrow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim Russert's son is a student at Boston College.

December 30, 2007 6:19 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is all the post game info? I drove down to the game on Friday, and despite the loss had a good time on Saturday. Side note- the Charlotte police were less than hospitable to a group of Uconn students in our lot. They cited several of them with $145 tickets for underage drinking. So much for the fine southern charm! All this of course while wild Wake Forest with what looked to be several Wake minors was raging a 100 or so feet away.

These have been the Ramblings of Big Mike!

December 31, 2007 3:49 PM 

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